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Colosseum & Palatine Hill - ROM01

small group tour

Deep into ancient Roman history during this small-group tour of three of its most significant sites. Skip the long entry line into the Colosseum and explore the first and second tiers of the ancient arena as your guide brings Roman history to life. Climb to the top of Palatine Hill to wander through some of Rome’s oldest ruins and stroll through the Roman Forum, stopping at famous sights like the funeral pyre of Julius Caesar, the Arch of Constantine, and the Temple of the Vestal Virgins.
Your tour starts at the Colosseum, where you bypass ticket lines with pre-reserved skip-the-line passes. Your guide will lead you inside, up a set of stairs, and through the arches for your first glimpse of the world’s most iconic sporting ground. Explore the first and second levels, hearing stories of the gladiators that fought here by choice (or otherwise), of the emperors who decided their fate, and of the captive audience whose graffiti still marks the walls today. The Colosseum had more uses as well, some of which you’ll hardly believe—your guide has all the details.
The adventure continues at the Roman Forum. You’ll appreciate having a historian as a guide here. As you wander the streets, they can make sense of the ruins for you, pointing out the subtle differences that reveal whether the structure is a moneylender’s shop, public bath, or any number of common ancient structures. Learn what life was like in the days of Caesar, Nero, and Hadrian, and how Roman society functioned.
Finally, climb the hill to see the palaces of Palatine Hill, built on the grounds where Romulus and Remus were discovered by the she-wolf in the legend of Rome’s founding. After an incredible day of making ancient history come to life, you’ll part from your group feeling more in touch with the beautiful ruins of Rome.


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