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Florio’s Marsala Tasting – SIC02

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Founded in 1833, the Florio Cellars overlook the sea of Marsala, in Western Sicily. Enveloped by the energy of the winds, made tasty by the sea, the cellars, beautiful and silent, house over 3,000 oak barrels of different sizes and ages, where the Marsala Florio’s refine in an apparently

immobile movement. A winery that talks about tradition and craftsmanship, spokesperson for the knowledge of creating the Italian fortified wine, Marsala. Today, the Cellars welcome guests in four tuff naves, interspersed with pointed arches, and surrounded by approximately six million liters of continually evolving Marsala.
With the Tour Florio we want to tell you the story behind one of the most famous Italian entrepreneurial families of all time and how the entrepreneurial intuition of Vincenzo Florio and the intimate qualitative evolution of the Marsala have managed to make the Cantine Florio an example of uniqueness in Italy, even after centuries.


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