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Palermo guided tour with street food – SIC01

private experience

During this private tour of Palermo, you will get to know the most emblematic sites of the city. Amongst other monuments and sights, you can get to know during this private tour of Palermo:
Quattro Canti
Historical Market of Palermo
Teatro Massimo
Church “Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio Martorana”
Norman Palace
Duomo (Cathedral of Palermo)
San Giovanni degli Eremiti
Church of Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio

This city has a beautiful weather all year round and has a stunning gastronomic offer, for that reason, is the perfect place for your stay.
At the end, you will taste some typical street food. It is mostly fried and fatty, in short, just what your holiday palate needs. If the arancina is the queen of Sicilian streets, the spleen sandwich is its king. By participating in this street food markets, you will have the opportunity to taste both in the most authentic places. But that’s not all, we will also offer you chickpea panelle, potato crocchè, the very soft Sfincione with onion sauce, cheese, olives and obviously a final seasonal dessert!


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