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San Lorenzo Market with Wine and Cheese Tasting - TOS02

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Tuscany is a paradise for foodies! It is the home of many typical dishes and products such as Fiorentina, Mugello tortelli with potatoes and ragù, pecorino di cave and Chianti. There is no better place to discover the secrets of Tuscan gastronomy than the San Lorenzo market, the largest market in Florence, the perfect place for a food and wine tour in the city.

The market tells endless stories about Tuscany, its traditions, history and inhabitants. During your food and wine tour at the market we will discover together the secrets of the local gastronomic tradition. At the same time we will learn many curiosities about the history of Florence such as the rivalry between Florence and Pisa or the invention of ice cream.

During the visit you will stop at the greengrocers to discover the local products that give life to the delicious Tuscan dishes: pappa al pomodoro, panzanella, ribollita; you will discover Laudemio, the extra virgin olive oil produced only by some Tuscan farms. Finally, you will stop at a trusted cheese monger to taste pecorino and different types of Tuscany cured meats and cheeses.


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