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Uffizzi & Accademia walking tour - TOS01

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Your experience begins in the Florence Accademia, where you’ll skip the lines to take in Michelangelo’s masterpiece, the jaw-dropping David. As you admire this larger-than-life statue, your expert guide will explain what makes it one of the greatest sculptures ever – and why Michelangelo was prouder of this than his work in the Sistine Chapel.
Your Florence tour continues with a walking tour of the city with the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, more commonly known as Florence Duomo. This incredible church was built in 1436 and still boasts one of the largest domes in the entire world. The story of how the dome was built is one of the greatest epics of the Italian Renaissance.
You will explore the third great wonder of Florence: its streets. Your guided walking tour takes you first to Piazza della Signoria, an open-air art gallery where Michelangelo’s David was originally supposed to stand. He was quickly relocated, but you can still see a replica at the entrance to the titanic Palazzo Vecchio. 
Standing in the shadow of this fortress-like palace, your guide will teach you about the Medici; the family of bankers who underwrote the Renaissance – it wasn’t all sweetness and patronage with them though. Your guide has some shocking tales to tell.
From Piazza Signoria you’ll discover the greatest Uffizzi art Gallery. by the Uffizi Gallery and of course, the Ponte Vecchio, Florence’s most picturesque bridge. As you walk, your guide will tell you the stories that bring the city to life around you. And with headsets for every guest, you’ll be able to hear them crystal clear. They’ll also give you great restaurant recommendations and other tips to help you get the most from the rest of your time here.


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