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Why coosing Lazio for your holiday in Italy

The Lazio region is best represented by its capital: Rome. Historic city full of wonders to discover at every corner and certainly a few days are not enough to explore all its beauties and its best museums.

If you are attracted by Rome’s past and its extraordinary monuments you cannot help but visit the Colosseum including the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. The Vatican city, on the other hand, collects within its museums an immense artistic and monumental heritage to which every tourist who visits Rome cannot help but dedicate a stage of their stay.

We will let you discover the masterpieces of Greek and Roman sculpture, the splendid Raphael Rooms, the Tapestry and Geographical Map Galleries and with the extended tour also the Vatican Art Gallery. With family tours we will also guide you among the antiquities in the Egyptian Museum. A special tour that includes a visit to St. Peter’s Basilica will make you discover the heart of Christianity.

Sometimes the need to stay away from the Capital noise and traffic is really strong, but luckily Italy is full of magnificent places that are worth visiting and some of these are just a few hours away from the eternal city!

In fact, the surroundings of Rome hide many spectacular places, perfect for a day trip or a weekend: historic sites, evocative villages, enchanting gardens, breathtaking lakes and spas accessible free of charge for those looking for a bit of relaxation and well being.

Another ideal location for a trip outside Rome is historic Tivoli, which boasts of being even older than Rome itself! Just over 30 kilometers from the eternal city, this municipality offers its visitors an infinite number of monuments and places of interest to discover and visit.


Even if the places of interest are truly numerous, two architectural structures are absolutely not to be missed. These are the two symbolic villas of the city: Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este. The first, built in the 2nd century AD, was the home of the famous emperor Hadrian. This wonderful villa, which was once even larger than the center of Imperial Rome, has a very classic appearance as can be seen from the central basin surrounded by typical Roman statues. It is the largest and most luxurious residence ever built in Italy and boasts an impressive collection of temples, theatres, spas and swimming pools.

Villa d’Este, on the other hand, was built in perfect Renaissance style in the 16th century, and is famous for its wonderful trees and gardens, as well as its spectacular waterfalls and fountains, including the Fontana dell’Ovato and the Cento Fontane. An architectural masterpiece to be admired and photographed!

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10 days / 9 nights
Availability : from May to Sept 2024
Starting Day : Wednesday

You will start from the capital of Italy, an open-air museum to move on to shades of blue that blend in with those of the sea on the Gulf of Naples, staying in Sorrento. You will end your Italian tour in one of the most kaleidoscopic regions of the entire…


the golden heritages - rome, florence & venice

10 days / 9 nights
Availability : from May to Sept 2024
Starting Day : Monday

You will get to know the rich heritage of the Italian capital of Rome, passing through the characteristic city of Florence with its San Lorenzo Market and the typical “Buchetto” from which you will taste an excellent wine and then conclude your Italian stay…


the stone grey - rome & florence

7 days / 6 nights
Availability : from May to Sept 2024
Starting Day : Wednesday

You will get to know two iconic cities united by their small stones present in the historic center: Rome and Florence.
You will walk through the historic center of Rome, tasting your ice cream and visit the Vatican Museums. You will learn about Florentine customs during the guided tour of the city with…

Discover our EXPERIENCES for Lazio


Colosseum & Palatine Hill - small group tour

Availability : Tuesday to Sunday (holidays excluded)
10:00am / 3:30pm

Deep into ancient Roman history during this small-group tour of three of its most significant sites. Skip the long entry line into the Colosseum and explore the first and second tiers of the ancient arena.


Rome walking Tour with Gelato Tasting - small group tour

Availability: Monday to Sunday (excluded Wed and Sat)
5:00pm / 7:30pm

Get acquainted with Rome in a fun, hassle-free way on this guided stroll. Traveling with an expert local guide, you’ll learn to navigate the sometimes chaotic yet beautiful streets of Rome. At the end, taste the delicious Italian gelato.


The Complete Vatican Tour:Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel & St. Peter's Basilica - small group tour

Availability : Monday to Saturday (holidays excluded)
9:15am / 9:45am / 12:45pm / 1:15pm

The Complete Vatican Tour gives you the best of the museum’s collections and an in-depth understanding of the art, architecture, and history contained within the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel.


Pasta Making Class in Rome - small group tour

Availability : Monday to Saturday
11:00am / 4:15pm / 8:30pm

This pasta-making class in Rome will help you bring a bit of Italy right into your own kitchen. Learn how to make and roll your own dough, how to choose the right shape for the right sauce, and discover why the best pasta dishes are often the simplest.

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